I work with Political Organisations helping them achieve clear, effective & reverberating visual methods

As freelancer and a political civil person, I have taken part during the years in many initiatives and groups that propose changes and generate debates to drive society and our future forward. Being organised workshops, discussion groups, social manifestations and else, diversifying from topics such as journalism, ecology, circular economy, UBIs and social politics. When it comes to organisations, institutions, initiatives and associations, I observed a need from many of them to make their messages uncomplicated and effective, available to a fast paced audience on social medias and their website.
Today, I assist these initiatives by developing communication methods that allow them to better disseminate their message and reach out wider and outsider audiences.

> What is it?

A practical, harmonic & engaging visual communication design and consultancy to make your voice clearer. We will engage and design in a collaborative manner a communication strategy for your web, event or social outsources.
They consist of:
:: explainer & infographic short animation videos
:: visual identity for events
:: websites with intuitive management system

> Visual Identity for Events

Through a methodological and collaborative ideas generation and design process for the event’s visual identity, that has a compromise in connecting to a specific target audience, using text layouts that respect readability and reading flow, using professional typefaces and structures based on the best practices of typography, with a content organised in a simple hierarchy through which the user can be guided to specific key-points, and a design that transmits the core ideas of the event, it is guaranteed that its voice reverberates, connect and are absorbed by the public.

When the visual communication is successful, the better will be the engagement, understanding and spreading of your message.

> Practical & Manageable Web-interfaces

In some cases the maintenance of a website can be very cumbersome, with too many content updates and lots of little changes to be done on the go, multiple people may be in charge of the task, and developing languages and back-end CMSs may not be their area of actuation.
This part consists of project-managing all aspects of the collaboration (inc. management with the others involved), but also craft a simplified and intuitive WordPress dashboard bespoke to your maintenance needs with your Website. A plan of maintenance after launch can also be arranged between us, to keep your site up-to-date with new technologies and fixing small issues that may occur.

Simplified and ready-to-use Wordpress dashboard, to save you time and avoid stress.

> Explainer & Infographic animations

Either on websites, or social medias like LinkedIn and Twitter, the attention spam of users is very short, with limited interest for long bodies of text and complicated data charts.
Through animated infographics and short explainer videos, users benefit from simplified and illustrated data and summarised content on the go, organisations have their ideas standing out from corporate designs and engage visually with their audiences on social medias and their website.

Multi-use short animated videos can transform data content into fun and pleasant information.

> Financing & Our communication

No-one will walk alone during this process. We will be talking closely during the project to plan what is needed, to generate ideas that suit you, to think out of the box and to concept great solutions!
The financial aspect is one that should raise no concerns for our collaboration, we will talk about budgets in complete transparency in order to find solutions and to facilitate the project to happen.

Let’s talk and find plans make our collaboration possible.

Let's have a chat and discuss how I can help you achieve clear, effective & reverberating visual methods

I have been working as a freelance Graphic Designer since 2011, graduated in Universities from Brazil and England, and currently live in Berlin - DE.
I still engage in processes of daily learning and development, through workshops, online courses, personal research and practice, and maintain a professional network of clients in Germany, England, Belgium, Switzerland, and Brazil.
Most recently, I'm focused in collaborations with Organisations, Institutions, Initiatives and Associations engaged in social equality, sociocultural, governmental and environmental topics.